Success Photos

These are images of some of the felines BCC has rescued.

If you are a BCC adoptive parent, we'd love to display images of
the feline(s) you've adopted from us in their new home!

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BCC Success Story Highlight: "Buddy"

Buddy at APC the day he was adopted

Buddy at APC the day he was adopted

Buddy at APC the day he was adopted

The images above are of a kitten that was found without his mother, along with three other male siblings, in the woods of Middletown, July 2009. They all had upper respiratory infections. Three of them, including this little guy (known by BCC as "Buddy") had severe eye infections as well. They were quite a sore sight: suffering, hungry, and in need of emergency vet care. Sadly the smallest one didn't make it. But due to the fostering and efforts of BCC volunteers, as well as some much needed stays at the veterinary hospital, the remaining three recuperated and became normal, active kittens.

Buddy was the last of his siblings to be adopted from the kitten enclosure at All Pet's Club. He is healthy now although you can still see a slight cloudiness in one of the previously infected eyes, the only indication of his rough beginnings. Cases like this are a good example of where donations and proceeds go from our fundraising. With that support, Buddy and two of his siblings were able to not only survive, but thrive in new loving homes.