Lennox and Luca’s heartwarming adoption story, found below, scored cat-dad Sebastian two tickets to Branford Compassion Club’s 25th anniversary gala at Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club on September 23.

Sebastian Diaz – Lennox and Luca


My name is Sebastian and I am the proud cat dad of Lennox and Luca (formerly Bobby). 

Lennox had been at the Branford Compassion Club for ~2 years when I visited for the first time. He was extremely wary of people and only let himself be pet at a distance by some of the staff at BCC. When I requested to adopt Lennox, I was advised that it would be difficult to get him acclimated and comfortable and that I would need a lot of patience. When Lennox first arrived, he hid in my closet behind my shirts for the first two weeks. A couple of months later, he was comfortable exploring my room as long as I was distant.

Today, Lennox comes over for pets when I call him. He runs around with his tail up when I feed him wet food. He has become confident enough to sit on the couch next to me and watch TV while I pet him. And he races around and wrestles with his brother Luca. 

Lennox’ progress was unthinkable when I first met him and I’ve been in awe at how much he has thrived with love and patience.

Luca arrived almost a year after Lennox. He was energetic and eager to socialize which made Lennox anxious in the beginning. Today they are inseparable and whenever Lennox feels anxious around people, Luca will come around and groom him or stand in front of him to deflect attention. 

Luca loves people. He jumps on everybody’s lap and demands attention and pets. He loves toys that are attached to a string and he will pull on them until the string breaks and he can run away with it. Luca’s incredibly curious and will poke around whenever anyone is doing something. He also loves human food and will tear apart bags to get it. Despite his chaotic hobby, Luca is the perfect addition to our family. He gives Lennox the energy and confidence he needs while providing love and affection to everyone around him.

I’m blessed to have them both in my life and I look forward to being the best cat dad they can have.


First Picture: Luca waking me up in the morning from his seat in the window bed.
Second Picture: Lennox relaxing with me on the couch.