Listed below are currently the most urgent items needed. You may donate these products in person or via our Amazon Wish List:

  • Canned cat food (meat as first ingredient, poultry type preferred)
  • Dry cat food (meat as first ingredient, poultry type preferred)
  • Grain free canned and dry cat food for special diets
  • Kitten food: Fancy Feast Kitten (turkey & chicken), Purina One Kitten dry, Wellness Kitten canned chicken smooth pate, Earthborn dry (orange bag)
  • Paper Towels and kitchen trash bags (13-gallon)
  • Dishwashing soap and hand soap
  • Scent-free HE laundry detergent or bleach
  • Cat Litter (unscented clumping)
  • Yesterday’s News paper litter
  • Oko Cat dust free paper litter, green box
  • Forti Flora , a probiotic for cats
  • Vetri DMV, a liquid immune booster for cats
  • Small pet beds and crate pads
  • Cat toys and treats
  • Flea control (Revolution, Capstar)
  • Gift certificates to stores selling our supplies (Walmart, Petco, Petsmart, Agway, local grocery stores)

Donated items can be dropped off at our Feline Rescue and Adoption Center. Items purchased through our Amazon Wish List will be delivered to us directly.