Listed below are currently the most urgent items needed. You may donate these products in person or via our Chewy Wish List:

Cleaning Supplies Pet Friendly/Safe
Paper Towels
Dishwashing liquid
HE Laundry Detergent
Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

Unscented Clumping litter, Alternatives to clay litter, Yesterday’s News, SoFresh (paper litter from Petco)

Canned Food* (without by-products) Grain Free is welcomed
Adult: Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Cat Chicken Recipe
Kitten: Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Kitten Chicken Recipe

Dry Food* (without by-product meal)
Adult: Meat 1st ingredient grain free brands or brands with rice as only grain. Earthborn Primitive Feline
Kitten: Grain Free Brands or rice as only grain

Donated items can be dropped off at our Feline Rescue and Adoption Center. Items purchased through our Amazon Wish List will be delivered to us directly.

*The best prices for Canned and Dry Food are generally found on