What is Branford Compassion Club?
Branford Compassion Club (BCC) is a volunteer based rescue organization serving Branford, Connecticut and the surrounding shoreline areas. Please see our Contact page for the best ways to contact us.

How soon can I expect a response to my call/email?
As we are an organization of volunteers please allow at least 48 hours for a response to email and voicemail.

How can I get information about volunteering with BCC?
Click here for volunteer information and an application.

What are your adoption fees?
$125 for cats, $200 for kittens

Two kittens adopted together is $350 ($25 off each kitten) and $200 for 2 adults adopted together ($25 off each as well).

Where do adoptions take place?
You may visit our Feline Rescue and Adoption Center in North Branford, CT, Saturday 11:00AM-3:00PM or call for appointment (203) 483-6369. Visit our Facebook page for details.