The Branford Compassion Club cares for two groups of cats daily: feral cats in local managed colonies and our resident shelter cats that we wish to rehome. Our shelter cats are comprised of abandoned friendly strays, owner releases, baby kittens born outside who are young enough to be socialized, or transfers from other rescue groups. We operate at full capacity most of the time. We intake cats based on need and space constraints. We are only able to rescue cats if we keep adopting!

Many of our cats and kittens arrive in poor health from the challenges of surviving outside. Many are ill or injured and have not been spayed or neutered. We are a no-kill shelter so we treat every cat as if it were our own. Before adoption, every shelter cat is examined by a veterinarian, neutered, tested, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and parasites. Dental issues are treated and older cats have senior bloodwork. We also help the community by controlling the feral cat population through standard policies of TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) as our resources permit.

During kitten season, there is rapid turnover. We try to keep kittens in foster homes while they are growing up or being socialized. Our vet practices pediatric spay/neuter so healthy kittens are vetted and made available for adoption generally after they reach 12 weeks of age and weigh over three pounds.

Whether you are looking to adopt a “purrfect” kitten, a frisky adolescent, an active adult, or a mellow senior buddy, you’ll find the perfect companion at our shelter!

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